Posted by: lifechooser | February 25, 2009

A walk in the woods


A walk in the woods

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This is a photo I really like the feel of. I need to take more stuff like this, and less photorealistic stuff.

I also love the single colour aspect of it. It gives photos real impact.

The photo was taken with my Pentax ME Super, using cross processed expired elitechrome which I bought from Jessops for £1.  Processing is a bargain at Tesco for 99p, plus another 99p for a CD.

Posted by: lifechooser | February 5, 2009

Hursley in the Snow

On Monday 2nd Feb, we had the deepest snow in 18 years. Which is about 3″.

I had to go into work, so took my camcorder (Sanyo Xacti E2) and took some stills and video. The video worked really well, but the stills had odd colour casts, green in the corners and pink in the centre.

The mix of still and video images make this set a great opportunity to test blogging. Suggestions are welcome.

Still to learn,

How to make one photo full size, and then exclude it from the gallery.

How to upload video from Flickr. Perhaps I need to use youtube?

Should each photo open an image, or a page with comments etc?

Do I need a different theme, with a wider main column?